Epes Receives Prestigious Award for Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Once again, Epes Transport System has been awarded the prestigious 2017 North Carolina Smart Fleet Champion award, presented by North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center, which is affiliated with the NC State University School of Engineering.  With the focus of the entire trucking industry on reducing our carbon footprint, Epes is again being recognized at the highest achievement level in the State of North Carolina by one of the most forward-thinking clean fuel organizations in the country.

The award was presented to Epes representatives David Leik and Mike Glynn, by Jeff Mann, General Manager of Go Triangle, which is the public transportation organization that is advancing alternative mass-transit initiatives in the greater Raleigh, NC area.  The awards luncheon attendees hailed from not only the Southeast but across the United States, from as far away as California.  The luncheon and awards were presented at the final session of the 2017 Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference and Expo, held in the downtown Raleigh Convention Center.  Epes is pleased that our sustainable and carbon-footprint initiatives have again been recognized in such a public way.

In addition, Epes has also recently been recognized by the Green Fleets Forum, based in San Francisco, CA, as Honorable Mention as one of the Top 100 Fleets in America, for 2017.

It’s good to be green!




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