Care Packages for Our Military Family Members

The Employee Relations Committee at Epes Transport has elected to put together care packages for actively deployed military family members of our employees (e.g., children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, parents).  We will be taking donations for items that are listed below at all manned terminals and on-site facilities.

The Epes terminals will be the collection and the distribution sites for the boxes.  Care packages will be placed in small, shoe-size boxes.  Collections began April 14, 2016 and will continue through April 15, 2016.  Our goal is to have the boxes available for Memorial Day distribution.

Driver managers will be responsible for providing to Human Resources a count of the boxes needed for their fleets.  Each manager of non-driver employees will be responsible for a count of the boxes needed in their respective departments.  Epes will not mail out the boxes to the military family members, but will have the boxes available to our employees to take and distribute accordingly by May 15, 2016.

The below items will be collected:

Snacks (e.g., chips, pretzels, nuts, protein bars, etc.) individually wrapped or in small bags

Candy and gum (please avoid chocolate)

Small note pads

Black pens

Eye drops




Flavor water powder (e.g., MiO Fit or Crystal Light)

Postage stamps

Magazines (e.g., Sport Illustrated)

Points of contact for the donations: Tina Valois in Greensboro, NC and Denise Howell in Rockwall, TX.  You may also contact Tamara Anthony in Human Resources with questions.

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