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Mike O'Connell Trucking Top Rookie Award

The Mike O'Connell Trucking Top Rookie Award was created to recognize the top rookie in the trucking industry every year. Mike O'Connell, who was formerly the executive director of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association. He believed that honoring a top rookie driver helped show new drivers they are appreciated by the trucking industry. These drivers are recognized at the Great American Trucking Show held yearly in Dallas Texas. This year was no different however this time Epes Transport had the honor of having one of our own make it into the top nine finalist out of 15,000 drivers. Darell Philpott was the driver representing Epes Transport. Darrell is from Martinsville, VA and attended CDS driving school in Roanoke, VA and have been working at Epes Transport for almost 1yr. in the Short Haul Division. Each of the finalist received $1,000 and a variety of prizes to include a dash camera, a stereo headset and much more just to name a few. This make the second driver from Epes Transport the was recognized for being a Top Rookie in the past 3yrs. It's a testament to these drivers professionalism, dedication to duty and going above and beyond for their company. So please join me in congratulating Darrel Philpott for this awesome accomplishment.

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