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2019 Best Fleets To Driver For

2019 Best Fleets To Driver For


Carriers Edge and the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) have formally announced Epes Transport System, LLC as a "2019 BEST FLEETS TO DRIVE FOR."

In 2012 Carriers Edge and the TCA announced that Epes Transport was A FLEET TO WATCH.  This week, with the entire industry watching, we celebrate the monumental honor of being recognized as a 2019 BEST FLEETS TO DRIVE FOR. 

An even greater honor associated with this announcement has come from our people, who made this achievement possible.

  • We are honored that in September Epes drivers and ICs voluntarily began nominating Epes Transport as a 2019 BEST FLEETS TO DRIVE FOR.
  • We are honored that in December 148 of our drivers and ICs voluntarily accessed the Carriers Edge web-site, submitted confidential surveys, and shared their convictions about why Epes Transport should be designated at a 2019 BEST FLEETS TO DRIVE FOR.

Finally, we are honored by the work each of you do to support our fleet and our business. It is your work and support which inspired our ICs and drivers to take action.  Thank you so much.

Being recognized as a 2019 BEST FLEETS TO DRIVE FOR is thrilling.  It is an acknowledgement of what we can achieve together when the best fleet on the road is supported by our best efforts.  

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