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Battling Back Against Driver Fatigue

Battling Back Against Driver Fatigue

You may spend long hours on the road as a truck driver, which can be physically and mentally draining. Long durations of sitting, erratic sleep routines, and improper eating habits can all contribute to driver weariness. Fatigue is a risky state that can result in accidents and injury. There are, however, exercises you can use to combat driver weariness while on the road.

The first exercise is as basic as stretching itself. Take a break by getting out of your truck and stretching your legs, arms, and back. Stretching boosts circulation and blood flow to your muscles, which can help you feel less tired. Shoulder rolls, neck rotations, and hamstring stretches are examples of easy stretching exercises.

Deep breathing is another technique for combating driver weariness. Deep breathing can assist you in relaxing and reducing tension. It also improves alertness and concentration by increasing the flow of oxygen to your brain and muscles. Deep breathes in and out, filling your lungs completely and slowly exhaling.

While driving, you can also do some isometric exercises. Isometric exercises entail contracting your muscles while remaining still. These exercises, which can be done while sitting in your truck, can assist improve circulation, muscle strength, and awareness. Squeezing a tennis ball, forcing your palms together, and clenching your abdominal muscles are some simple isometric workouts.

Cardiovascular activity is also beneficial in reducing driver tiredness. You don't have to run a marathon to wake up and enhance your alertness, but getting your heart rate up with some modest jogging, jumping jacks, or dancing will assist.

Finally, it is critical to maintain proper driving posture. Long durations of sitting with bad posture can cause back pain, neck pain, and headaches, all of which contribute to driver fatigue. Sit up straight, adjust your seat, and, if necessary, use a lumbar support pillow.

At Epes, we value our drivers through a strong commitment to the things that truly matter. This includes a variety of programs to keep you running strong both at work and at home. For more information about a career with Epes, visit here.

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