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CVSA Road Check 2017

CVSA Road Check 2017
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced that the Annual Roadcheck 2017 will occur on the dates of June 6-8. During this 72 hour window drivers can expect to see increased enforcement activity by the DOT officers. This year the focus will be on Cargo Securement Safety. With that in mind drivers verifying that loads are properly secured, etc. Also under Cargo Securement would be any spare tires or tire carcasses in the tire rack under the trailer. Make sure these have the securement chain holding the tire in place. Doing a proper pretrip inspection is the key to passing a DOT inspection. With that in mind here is a quick checklist of some common violations that can sometimes be overlooked.
  1. Your cab is neat and organized. (Inspectors use this as an indicator for identifying who should be inspected)
  2. Fire extinguisher is properly mounted, and charged.
  3. Your three emergency triangles are in good condition and accessible.
  4. Spare fuses.
  5. Lights are all working (the easiest defect to identify).
  6. Tires are properly inflated and have adequate tread.
  7. Brakes shoes are in good shape.
  8. No air hoses are rubbing or chaffing. (Including the service and emergency air hoses).
  9. No leaks at the engine or axles.
  10. Your permit book is updated, organized, and neat.
  11. You have a DOT quick reference card that explains how to read the Elog.
  12. You have a backup paper logbook.
  13. Your logs indicate that pretrips, post trip inspections, fuel, customer time on duty: all are accurately recorded as ON DUTY NOT DRIVING.
  14. Your Driver License is accessible and you can produce your medical card.
With these items addressed you will be well on your way to passing any inspection.
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