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Post-9/11 GI Bill | On-the-Job and Apprenticeship Training

Post-9/11 GI Bill | On-the-Job and Apprenticeship Training
Epes Transport is appreciative and thankful to the men and women in uniform who diligently served our country and protect our freedom. Your unselfish generosity, representing only 1% of the population, to protect the many is a testament to your Warrior Ethos, values, integrity, selfless service, discipline, courage and leadership. You have sacrifice much and now its time to do our part standing by our veterans. As a proud veteran myself, I am absolutely pleased to that Epes Transport understands that veterans bring those qualities to any company. With driver shortages above 30 % and the baby boomers retiring from driving, it is essential to reach out to our military as they make their transition from the battlefield to the workplace. In 2014, we can expect at least 30, 000 making that transition to civilian life. Epes Transport is in forefront with that transition, we have donated a truck to the Fort Bragg / Johnson Community College to assist soldiers with attaining their Class A CDL's. We have been accepted to participate in the Post 9/11 GI Bill | On-The-Job and Apprenticeship Training. This program assists veterans and dependents by allowing to learn a trade skill through training as oppose to just classroom instruction.
  • Receives salary from Epes Transport while participating in training.
  • As you progress through training, their skill level increases and so does your pay.
  • GI Bill payments are issued monthly after they received certification of hours worked.
PAYMENT AMOUNTS The payments varies depending on the program you are utilizing. Post -9/11 GI Bill Recipients
  • 100% of your applicable MHA (Military Housing Allowance) based E-5 rate with dependents during the first 6 months of training.
  • 80% for the second 6 months of training
  • 60% for the third 6 months of training
  • 40% for the fourth 6 months of training
  • 20 % for the reminder of the training
*will also receive up to $83 per month for books and supplies *MHA rate for the Greensboro area is $858 per month This transitional process for veterans will make all the difference in our company. If you know a veteran, let him know whats is available for him and his family. Thank you and forward to your comments. If you have any further questions please contact the Recruiting Department.  
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