Sustainability Program

The average age of our tractors is 2.5 years old, and our strict equipment upgrade schedule keeps us at the forefront of energy conservation technologies within our industry.

Engine Sustainability Technology

Epes has fully embraced the EPA engine regulations and has converted nearly all our 1200 tractors to EPA-approved engines that meet current greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards. Following the implementation of these new, more sustainable engines, we have now turned our focus to improving the miles per gallon (mpg) usage of our tractors.

Governed Engines

We govern our fleet, keeping a consistent engine speed at or below 65 miles per hour (mph), causing a reduction in fuel gallons used.

Down Speed Engines

Downspeed technology helps improve fuel economy in heavy-duty trucks by allowing the engine to operate at the most efficient RPM while generating the minimal amount of horsepower required to maintain a specified speed. As early adopters of this technology, Epes ensures efficient operations with improved MPGs and a reduction in fuel usage.

Facility Sustainability

In addition to implementing sustainable practices with our vehicles, Epes has also worked on creating sustainable facilities. Some of the recent steps weve taken include:

  • Recycling and/or recapturing all items that can be reused or repurposed
  • Heating shops with waste oil from our tractors
  • Recycling all cardboard, plastic and metals
  • Installing LED lights within our facilities

What Sustainability means to EPES

Beginning in 2006, with new EPA engine regulations on the horizon, Epes made the decision to begin the switch to more sustainable business practices. We avoided the delaying of new technologies just to save money, and instead fully embraced the idea of reducing carbon emissions and fossil fuel.

What does that mean for our company? It means that we are still doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint and fuel usage. This has allowed us to separate ourselves from competitors who have chosen not to move in this more sustainable direction.

Our Initiative

EPES is a North Carolina Smartway Certified Carrier

In 2007 we began purchasing tractors with emissions controls. Since then, we have continued to upgrade our tractors, added skirts to reduce wind resistance, and fully embraced the recycling of all our waste.

Our efforts to reduce emissions have been recognized by the state of North Carolina and we were awarded the NC Smart Fleet Champion Award.

We have also been recognized by the Department of Transportation with Smartway Certification for our focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly operations. This certification was at the highest level, allowing us to display the certification on all our tractors.