Dedicated Service

Our Name Says It All - Outsourcing transportation is good business, and Epes is the right business partner. It's a big investment to operate a private trucking operation within a company. A workable facility, proper equipment, trained drivers and a management team can be costly, not to mention time-consuming. By outsourcing your transportation, you're free to focus on what you do best and the capital tied up in owning transportation equipment is freed up for investing in your primary business. By outsourcing to Epes you create more opportunity for your company!

At Epes, we realize that every operation is unique. That's why we'll custom design a transportation program to meet your specific needs, be it a service, equipment specification, dispatch procedures, billing procedure - even using your logo on our trucks. We will cater to your specific requirements.

Epes furnishes its clients with dedicated contracts that specify exact pricing schedules (rate per mile, rate per hour, cost per unit, etc.) so there are never any surprises! This way, you can predict and budget exact pricing over a period of time. Epes will manage the variables of transportation while you plan and budget for your primary business.

To find out what EPES Dedicated Services can do for you and/or to set up a No Cost - No Obligation Dedicated feasibility study, contact:
Brian Moser - Vice President of Pricing
800.869.3737 Ext. 9794