Truckload Service

With so many ways to transport goods, dry van truckload shipping services can get lost in the pack. But with benefits that include speed, flexibility, cost savings and more, it’s worth a look. Here are a few reasons why Epes Transport System may be right for you:

Vast Coverage: We connect cities and towns all over the country with our services, which cover large areas. Whether you require local or long-distance transportation, our qualified drivers will deliver your cargo to its destination.

Flexibility and Versatility: We provide operational flexibility to meet shipping demands and offer additional capacity and equipment when you need it most. Our commitment to service and our strategically located network of terminals will help you stay flexible during peak shipping times and seasonal surges.

Cost Savings: You can do away with the need for multiple carriers and drastically cut your transportation costs by using a single truck's full capacity for your shipments. Get the most value for your money by making use of our resources and experienced drivers.

Speed and Efficiency: Dedicated truckload shipping expedites transit times and improves customer satisfaction by delivering your freight straight to its destination without stopping in between.

Real-Time Tracking: Real-time tracking allows you to remain informed and in charge. You can track your shipments with our cutting-edge technology around-the-clock, which gives you peace of mind and lets you make plans appropriately.

Types of Dry Van Truckload Shipping Services

We offer a variety of trucking services to meet all your business needs including:

  • Short-Haul/Regional - Short-haul services within a 250-mile range of our strategically located terminals
  • Long-Haul/OTR Trucking - One-way, long-haul, over-the-road trucking services to fit the demands of your business
  • Dedicated - Customized operations to meet your and your customers’ needs. These include just-in-time, store replenishment and in-store delivery, multiple stop routes, switching/spotting service and yard management, customer deliveries and more

Unlock Your Company's Potential

In the transport industry, truckload shipping services are essential since they offer a dependable and effective way to move cargo over different distances. Your company will profit from our experience, skilled drivers, state-of-the-art equipment, and customer-focused approach whether we are handling short-haul or over-the-road trucking. We prioritize flexibility, cost-effectiveness, speed, dependability, and security to make sure your cargo arrives at its destination smoothly and on schedule. Working with us means selecting a dependable partner committed to enhancing your experience and fostering the growth of your company.